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Created For Children!

This is a systematic approach to the Bible geared for children. It offers a Warm-UP activity, a lesson, snack, and activity or craft with a worksheet for every lesson that all relate together.

  • Starting In Genesis And Ends At Revelation.
  • Incorporates The School Year Calendar, Holiday Calendar, And The Christian Liturgical Calendar.
  • In August You Are Talking About Back To School, At Christmas And Easter You Are Talking About Christmas And Easter.  Around Memorial Day You Are Talking About That As Well.
  • All This In Addition To The Basics Of Each Book Of The Bible.


What If You Could Teach The Bible To Children From Beginning To End With Only 52 Lessons?


Better yet.

What If You Could Teach These Simple, Easy and Fun Lessons To Children That Were Written To Quickly Bring Them Closer To God?


Ready to find how?


Keep reading…


Dear Inspired Teacher:

You can watch the Bible come to life as you travel through these well written, captivating lessons from the beginning of Genesis to the very end of Revelation.   You have the pleasure of teaching the lessons, while your students have fun going on the journey with diverse activities and challenges that make them feel like they are a part of the stories.  

Our lessons aren’t just written to bring the children closer to God, they are written so that they can get a better perspective on life; while learning the core of building amazing teamwork and social skills.  

52 Bible Lessons is packed with 236 pages of stellar rock solid content for kids ages 6 to 10. Content that is not only great for the teacher but in a language that is very easy to follow and understand for children; making the lessons much more enjoyable and instantly memorable long after the session is done.


As A Bonus, Teachers Who Use This Can Save
$1,000s Of Dollars and Countless Hours Trying To Put A Lesson Program Together That is As
Effective, Fun or Creative As This.

  Your student will be eager to get back to your lessons!

Easy-To-Follow, Simple Laid Out Activities

These lessons are powerful for building the perfect mindset of God loving students and letting the teacher be a reflection of what the Bible wants us to be; loving, kind and willing to spread the knowledge to others.

This teaching guide is written in a language children will find easy to understand and is full of descriptions that make the stories come to life! The activities that accompany each lesson will allow children to associate Bible stories to their lives. A beautifully written guide that children and adults will enjoy! C. Russell

Clinton, MS

  • Bible breakdown
  • Overview of the New and Old Testament
  • Live a fuller Christian life
  • Deeper more meaningful understanding of the Bible
  • Lessons that let students relate the Bible to real life situations. This allows them to know only learn the Bible but understand it in logical terms
  • Put an end to discipline problems
  • Time tested and proven lessons that will have almost any church automating their teaching sessions quickly.
  • No more endless hours of preparation, only 5 minutes to set up and prepare.
  • We make this easier to set up and get running than putting a bowl of soup in the microwave (I love soup).
  • Child centered lessons and games, no more frustrations.

Lorraine has used her passion for teaching kids the Bible and her amazing attention to detail to create a wonderful guide that can be used by parents and teachers alike. It was obviously written as a labor of love! Jessie

Jackson, MS

Some teachers pay as much as $500 every quarter of the year for their monthly Bible lessons to teach their students. The kicker is that, they’re nowhere near the level of quality that we provide.


But think about it… That’s $500 per quarter, totaling $2,000 per year.


With us you won’t pay a fraction of that cost. We’ll make this even more solid by letting you know you can buy absolutely any course out there and not one of them will beat our value and content.

There may be Bible lessons out there that look the same on the outside but on the inside they are no match. Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself and…

Save time and money by getting the absolute best value and best content possible when it comes to getting God’s words out to a young audience.

What a refreshing new concept! 
The lessons made the Bible come alive again. I even learned a few things and I thought I’d heard it all. This is not your grandma’s Sunday school lessons.


Pearl, MS

Don’t just teach the word of God…  
Explore it and Live It with your children!


We admire teachers of the word, without you
there will be no movement for our youth in churches.
So with that said…


We’ll let our product speak for itself.

You can get started today on teaching the most influential lessons on the Bible available. All for the low cost of only $29.95!


Save yourself $2,000 and get the most proven Bible Lessons Available.

Start Teaching Today!

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