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The Ultimate 52 Bible Lessons

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52 Bible Lessons

Connect with the school year, US Holidays, and the Christian calendar!

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Better yet.

What If You Could Teach These Simple, Easy and Fun Lessons To Children

That Were Written To Quickly Bring Them Closer To God?

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Don’t just teach the word of God…

Explore it and Live It with your children!

Save yourself $2,000 and get the most proven Bible Lessons Available.


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Course Benefits


  • Deeper more meaningful understanding of the Bible
  • Child centered lessons and games, no more frustrations
  • We make this easier to set up and get running
  • No more endless hours of preparation
  • Time tested and proven lessons that will have almost any church automating their teaching sessions quickly
  • Lessons that let students relate the Bible to real life situations

What a refreshing new concept!
The lessons made the bible come alive again. I even learned a few things and I thought I’d heard it all. This is not your grandma’s Sunday school lessons.

Kim Pearl


Lorraine has used her passion for teaching kids the Bible and her amazing attention to detail to create a wonderful guide that can be used by parents and teachers alike. It was obviously written as a labor of love!

Jessie Jackson


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We’ll let our product speak for itself.

You can get started today on teaching the most influential lessons on the Bible available. All for the low cost of only $34.99